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Youtube is the  Pr   9  site. You can  get the   back link for free from youtube, if you are  placing any videos  in youtube. You can also  promote your  products  in youtube.  You can  explain  your product  through  video  and  many people  can   see those  products    in  the video. And  as I told  you , you can also   get  back link from youtube. When  uploading  your videos  in youtube you will be having   description. In descrtiption , you can   leave your  website  and  tell them  to  visit  for  full details of your  products.
Benefits  from Youtube Seo

a) Free promotion  to your  product

b) Your website will get   back link from Pr 9 Website for free.

c) You will get  more sales, as  people can see it online and  can get  good explanation by you.


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