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How to add Analytics code in your blogger. For  new bloggers or  website owners  may have  many doubts regarding how to add analytics  in your blog.Google analytics is the product  of Google and  it is completely  free  to use. You will get many benefits  by using this tool. You can analyze the  visitors  coming to your  visitors and through which keywords they are coming  to your site.
First  open th  site Google Analytics. Than  click on Access Analytics and  login with your  Google account. If you don't have  create  one here  Signup.
Now  Click on Add a website profile.
Here  ,  write  your   website or  blog   in the field of " please  provide  url of the website"
Select your country  and click on Finish.

In order  to confirm  your ownership of the  website or a  blog. Place the code  provided  by  google in  your site.
Go to  Design---- Click on Edit Html  and  check  Expand Widget  Templates.
Than  Search for   </head>  and  place the  code  provided  by Google after that code.
That's  it  after some time, your statistics  will be  tracked by the google analytics . You can  check  it daily.
If you  have any problems ,Leave your  comments  below.


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