Seo With Google

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Google Adsense  is the best method  to earn money  from the Internet. If you have a  Website or a blog , you can earn money from  the Internet. Adsense is the Product of Google, You can get the account  from them  as a publisher  to earn money from your  website or a blog. Now a days  it is  very difficult to get the google adsense Account. You will not  be approved , until and unless  your  website  have  good  unique content  and   it should be  more than  6 months  older. But  there are some methods you can get the  account. There are  some good quality  sites allowing  people to earn money  from Adsense  through  there sites.  You can get the  Google Adsense  Accounts  from those sites. And  ofcourse , when you are  applying  the  google adsense  account  through them, you need to follow all the rules   they  have kept. After getting the Google Adsense  account , you can  earn money  from those site  through revenue sharing   method as well as  you can  place the  google  ads in your site.


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