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How to get  Adsense  Account  in  short period. Now a days, it is  very difficult to get  Adsense  account.
Adsense is the  best  method to earn money  from  Internet. You have  more  variety of  Ads formats to  place it in your website. Now  to  get the  account, there are some  good Adsense  revenue sharing sites. They will share  Adsense  income  with us. You can the Adsense  accounts  by  these websites. Go the the
And  sign up with your  gmail account.  And  use the account  for few days by uploading  some  photos and videos. And  write 5 to 10  blogs  in  Flixya  in your account. Upload some of your  original  photos. Don;t copy  from  Net and Upload  in Flixya.
Than  apply  to the  Adsense  program through    the Adsense program. You will be approved  with in  24  hours to  48 hours. If you have  some  problems  or  to share  your opinion , leave your comments below.


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