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Adsense  is the most  effective  ways  of earning money from the Internet. And not only that , we can also  get good
Adsense is  an  adserving  product owned  by Google. Any one having  Website can  apply for the  Adsense  program to earn money
from there websites. You can place  the code generated from Adsense site  to get the  relevant Ads  in your  website.
Google's targeted advertisement  runs through Adwords . Many website owners  uses  Adsense to make  extra income from the website.
Google  uses very powerful system  to  generate relavant Ads all the time. No other  company  provides  most relevant Ads like Google.
You can earn money  with adsense in many ways like
a) Adsense  for Feeds
b) Adsense for Search
c) Adsense for mobile Content
d) Adsense for Domains
e) Adsense for Video

If you want to earn more  money with Adsense. Use  Link Ads  by Adsense  in  your  webiste on the top of the page.
Always  place your ads on the top or  right hand  side. You will get more  exposure of your ads   to your  visitors.
Make your ads colors as  your website  colors. You have the option in Adsense  to  change the colors of your  ads.


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